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Congratulations to Students Who Received Offers from Selective Schools in 2017

Another highly competitive round of selective high school entrance exams are over. Qs School staff had carefully recorded each candidate student’s name and we were eagerly awaiting the exam results. Soon, Qs School Parents’ Groups on WeChat began to share good news one after another.

After the first round of results was declared, 80% of Qs candidates directly received selective high school admission letters where another 5% of candidates entered the Principal’s Discretionary Category. Qs School also received many phone calls from our parents and students regarding the offer that they received from selective schools. There were even some parents and students who journeyed in to Qs School to share their news in person!

What made us even happier is that 95% of our Year 8 students in 2017 choose to continue their studies in QS School even though the selective school entrance examination finished. It would seem that our students are truly enjoying leaning and studying with us and this gives us great joy!

又一轮激烈的精英高中选拔考试结束了, Qs的老师们细心的记录下每个去参加考试的孩子的名字,关切地等候着佳音。很快,Qs School 家长群最先热闹起来,喜报连连:

精英高中考试第一轮结果公布后, Qs school有80% 的学生收到了精英高中的直接录取通知书,还有5% 左右进入了校长选择类别。此外,Qs 的工作人员也陆续接到家长的电话,有的学生和家长更是特地来到学校与Qs的老师们分享这份喜悦。

更让我们感到意外又欣慰的是,今年8年级95%的学生都在第3学期回到了校园,继续快乐地学习和成长。非常高兴孩子们在Qs School 独特的学习环境中可以发掘出自己的学习热情与能力!更为他们把挑战当作成长机会的精神而自豪 !

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