Let Qs Class Come to Your Home! Epidemic Situation, We Face the Challenge Together and Learn from it

Qs School was saddened this week by the WHO’s declaration of the Coronavirus as a public health emergency of international concern. At the time of writing, Australia has confirmed 9 cases of virus infection. As many more students and international students will be returning to Australia over the coming weeks, Qs has been advised to close our doors to prevent any risk to our students.

As you all know, the physical and mental health of our students always comes first for us at Qs. However, many Qs students face upcoming exams and other academic challenges and many in our parent community have expressed their concerns.

Rest assured, Qs School has found a solution. We have transferred the whole of Qs to an online classroom! For the next 2 weeks all Qs content will be operating as usual through our state-of-the-art online system. This will allow students to study from the safety of their own homes and still directly benefit from the expertise of our teaching staff.

You will enjoy:

1. Qs experienced teachers as they give lively lectures to students in the comfort and safety of you own home.

2. Timely understanding and thinking methods delivered through interactive whiteboards.

3. Dedicated homework explanations in the elementary school. These specific, in-depth, and improved learning methods will help students to really soak up all aspects of the learning content at their own pace.

4. Challenging questions and knowledge areas can be listened to repeatedly; parents can also participate more deeply in children's learning as you are welcome to sit in with your student as they learn.

5. There so many advantages to this new technological system! Please read to the end of the article so you don’t miss any.

The updated online teaching plan is two weeks. Please don’t hesitate to log on and enjoy ...

So, how did we do it? Although Qs has accumulated many years of science and technology, there are still many logistical and technical challenges required to transfer dozens of high-quality live lectures from offline to online.


This did not daunt our teachers!

At a moment’s notice, our teaching team came in to quickly prepare and adapt their teaching styles to the online teaching system. Many changed their working schedules on a day’s notice and threw themselves into this new technological and professional challenge. They were all taken far out of their comfort zones. Which is where we all know the magic in life happens!

Each one of them brought their unique personality to the challenge, preparing new styles of delivering lessons and researching how to make the most of this new teaching platform. While it was unnerving at first, they have embraced the challenge along with the rest of Qs staff and express their pride in participating in this ground-breaking project.

But our management team were not to be outdone…

1. In order to face the force majeure that is this global health crisis, and in efforts to create a safe environment so that children do not delay learning, Qs has laid aside any thought of failure.

2. Costs do not matter, neither the overtime worked. The only thought in mind is that our community may not remain safe if our children venture from home.

3. The headquarters staff have been racing against the tick of the clock to implement this new technological system for the benefit of our students at home. The team has successfully and quickly adapted to the new technology working tacitly and more efficiently than ever before. Several employees with children also paid a lot. Some employees even put their children in day-care for 10 hours!

4. We might think of taking a break or complaining about the long hours, until one of our dedicated management team walks by and we are humbled again by their passion, commitment and endurance.

What of the wizards who made it all possible? Our Technical department!

1. The Qs technical department completed the comprehensive construction and commissioning of the extension of one recording studio to five recording studios on two days’ notice.

2. In less than 48 hours, the technical department have overcome technical issues such as video quality, audio quality, recording, storage mode, and home network school structure layout.

3. Based on the existing Qs online school structure, the equipment is upgraded in all directions to prepare students for the centralized internet access and the playback of many large-capacity video files.

The Qs community has challenged itself to rise beyond the new challenge of the Coronavirus. We have startled ourselves at the readiness and creativity that comes from a positive mind set, strong working community and a vow to always embrace the challenges that we may face.

In the words of A.A. Milne:

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart… I'll always be with you.”

Qs School will resume offline classes:

Weekend classes start on 22 and 23

Midweek classes start the week of February 17

In the Face of the Epidemic, Some People Choose to Escape, Some Choose to Distort, Some Choose to Collect Money ...

Qs chooses to face adversity calmly, find solutions, and learn from challenges. Being able to transfer offline classrooms to online and delivering classrooms to children's homes in more than a week is the result of Qs’ years of investment in team growth, cultural construction, IT technology, and teaching materials. This tenacity is due to Qs School’s spirit of active, lifelong learning. The challenges of the epidemic, and what it draws us to reflect on personally and as a community, remind us of the importance of life education.

Qs invites you to reflect with us, let's learn and interpret together:

1. How to build a real sense of security in our ever-changing lives? How can we build a sense of security at the life level by raising our awareness in our daily experiences? On the level of life, how can we calm our hearts by improving our wisdom and spiritual dimensions, and even building an empathetic universal view?

2. How can we avoid the source of disaster by truly starting from respect for all lives? If the boss of the Wuhan South China Seafood Market has different perceptions: that market may not put wild animals in the menu, and time cannot be repeated. Today, we can start to open our perceptions.

3. How to keep us and our children free from panic when an epidemic like this breaks out? How can we protect ourselves and protect our health and that of our families? When the name of our nation is written as "Chinese Virus", how do we face it in a way that is authentic, self-reflective and helps us to grow?

4. How to face change? How to calmly and actively accept and respond to changes that are beyond our control? What accumulated benefits may come from the power of active response?

5. What is empathy? How can we understand and respect different voices? How to empathize with those separated from us by fear or lack of understanding?

6. How do we know that we can be strong and adapt in times of such overwhelming difficulty?

Stay tuned for our public number and more notifications.

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