Math Methods 的final exam以它逐年递增的考试难度和颇具挑战的 Exam 2大题,让很多同学觉得自己选的其实是一门高数。在前几年的试卷里,Tasmania  Jones 已然让大家叫苦连天,它对各个知识点高度的综合性以及大篇幅的文字更是让很多中国留学生考到怀疑人生…

相对于 Exam 1的套路满满,要想在2小时之内正确做完 Exam 2里堆砌的20道选择题和4道大题,如果没有针对的复习和考试技巧可以说是不可能完成的任务。那么我们怎么来有的放矢地解决这些大BOSS呢? 今天小编就为大家分享一些成功心得~

The increasing difficulty of Math Methods in recent years, along with its 2 application questions in the intensive Exam 2 have been far too challenging to most students. Tasmania Jones, the legendary figure in past couple of exams has now gone, but we never expect the whole exam is getting any easier… Compared with the relatively easy and stereotype Exam 1 , Exam 2 can not be done well without pinpoint revision and exam techniques. Today, I would like to share some really useful revision strategies and exam tips. 

冲刺学习计划 Final Review before VCE


a. 严格按照exam instructions的要求,平均每周做2到3份考题。

b. 将不会的题归类、分析、总结方法,然后写到exam notes里。

c. 总结和记忆试卷里的关键难词,特别是2卷大题。

d. 在考试前的1到2周,应该回顾这些卷子,第二遍的复习往往比只复习一遍来的印象深刻的多。


As the last one and a half months is prime time for VCE prepation, students need to make sure details below are fully prepared.


a. Follow the exam instructions strictly. Complete 2-3 test papers per week.

b. Classify, analyse and summarise difficult questions and take notes of them.

c. Summarise and memorise the key words, especially those in Exam 2.

d. Review those test papers 1-2 weeks before the final exam. 


Questions you need focus on 

1. Function 大题。 出现频率最高的是 inverse function , circular function 和与calculus相关的gradient, maximum values, area

2. Calculus 大题。 普遍的问题是找最大最小值,算面积。最难点在于找到可以derivetarget function。换句话说,如果要找到两个curve 的最短垂直距离,这个距离公式应该怎么写?

3. Probability大题.。最难的是binomial , normal distributionsampling statistic的综合题. 很多同学不能判断什么时候是 binomial event, 以及如何计算与 sample proportion 相关的概率题。


a. Function Questions.  The highest frequent questions are inverse function, circular function and calculus associated with the gradient, maximum values, area.


b. Calculus Questions. The most common problem is to find the maximum and minimum value, and to calculate size. The most difficult point is to find the derive target function. In other words, if you want to find the shortest vertical distance of the two curves, what is the formula to calculate  the distance?


c. Probability Question. The most difficult questions are  binomial, normal distribution and sampling statistic comprehensive questions. Not many students determine whether it is a binomial event for a situation, and how to calculate the probability related to sample questions.

重要考试技巧 Important Exam Techniques


Exam 2里首先做选择题,并且做到平均每道选择题不超过一分半钟。





3. 注意题目之间的联系



4. 关于分值



  1. Time Management

    Make sure you can averagely finish each multiple choice question within one minute.

  2.  Read questions carefully. Don't waste your time on difficult words.

  3. Pay attention to the connection of each question. Each big question has several questions, so you could find some connections and clues from them.

  4. About marks

    Only write result for questions marked 1 while write results and solutions for questions marked 2, otherwise you cannot have full marks.

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