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VCE Year 11

VCE Journey in progress


VCE 11 (units 1 & 2) is the foundation for VCE 12 (units 3 &4 ). At Qs School, we offer a wide range of subjects for our students to study. We will make sure our students are on track and ahead of the day school curriculum but at the same time offer revision focus class during SAC time. Our Qs VCE year 11 courses are well planned, organised and tailored to all VCE students. 

Course map

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  1. Unit 1 &2  English

  2. Unit 1 &2  EAL 

  1. Unit 1 & 2  Maths Methods 

  2. Unit 1 & 2 Specialist  

  1. Unit 1 & 2  Chemistry 

  2. Unit 1 & 2  Physics 

At Qs School, we view VCE 11 English/EAL as a crucial year for our VCE students to prepare for the upcoming Year 12. The valuable time in Year 11 is a great way to establish your understanding of Text response, comparative analysis and language analysis. 

As an extension of our VCE Prep, Both Maths Methods and Specialist units 1 and 2 will continue their projective course during VCE 11 and extend their ability and learning of unit 3. we will also make sure our students have allocated time and classes for focus SAC revisions. 

Qs offer 2 major unit 1 & 2 Science subjects during VCE 11. From our VCE Chemistry and Physic Consolidation program. Students are well prepared for unit 1 and 2 topics. We aim to have our students grasp well with unit 1 & 2 study topics and accomplish a well deserved SAC Score. At the same time comfortably emerge into unit 3 studies.  

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