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【User Guide】2020 Qs School online interactive class

【指引】2020 Qs School 线上互动课堂

【User Guide】2020 Qs School online video/homework answer

【指引】2020 Qs School 网校录制视频&作业答案

【User Guide】2020 Qs School online writing homework/test

【指引】2020 Qs School 在线写作作业/写作测试

【User Guide】2020 Qs School online test & review

【指引】2020 Qs School 在线测试和回顾分析

What is Qs weekly homework


Qs Online School Schedule


Qs School Online Learning-Frequently Ask Questions  Qs网校学习常见Q&A

Online learning troubleshooting request Qs网校学习IT问题反馈

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More specifically, but not limited to this, you must not make a copy of our website and/or any of our online school’s contents, without first seeking permission via prior written consent.


You agree not to share or disclose your Qs School online username, student number and password to any third party. You agree not to use any other’s account to use (or gain access to) our online resources.


If you violate the agreement, Qs school has the right to terminate your online account and withhold your benefits of using our resources. Qs School will take legal action against any individuals or organisations who violate our copyrights and intellectual property.

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