Qs Students Achieved Remarkable Results in 2017 AMC

AMC, Australian Mathematic Competition, held by Qs School in 2017 was a great success, where many Qs students achieved remarkable results.

2017 在Qs School 举办的AMC(澳洲全国数学竞赛)圆满而成功,Qs多名学生也在本次竞赛中拔得头筹。 Of the Qs contestants, 在Qs 参加的学生一共获得:

11 students achieved Prize (Only 0.3% Prize winners nationwide).

18 students achieved High Distinction (Only 1% High Distinction achievers nationwide).

44 students achieved Distinction (Only 15% Distinction achievers nationwide).

Among which, there are 73 students above Distinction, accounting for 64% of the total number. There are 110 students from Prize to Proficiency.


Qs curriculum not only focuses on enhancing students' knowledge and ability comprehensively, but also places strong emphasis on thinking skills and problem-solving ability. At the same time, it effectively trains students to confidently overcome difficult problems. In addition, it helps students who enjoy studying to have excellent scores in mathematic competitions. Thanks again to the hard-working students and their parents.

Qs 的课程不仅注重系统提升学生的知识和能力,还非常强调思维技巧和解决难题的能力,同时有效训练学生在面对难题时的强大心智。这使得在我校坚持学习、热爱数学的学生能够在各种数学竞赛中脱颖而出,拔得头筹!也再次感谢努力学习的学子们和努力学习成长的家长们 !

AIMO was held on 12th September at Qs. We hope students will achieve great results.


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