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VCE Year 12

VCE Journey- Home RUN 


38 lessons to get our Year 12 students ready for their final exams.

Three stages of systematic learning are designed to help our finalists to have a well organised to ace their exams. 

Stage 1
Stage 2 
Stage 3

Unit 3 & 4 Concept building 

Comprehensive Revision 

Examination Sprint 

Course map

Typing on a Computer
  1. Unit 3 & 4  English

  2. Unit 3 & 4 EAL 

  3. Unit 3 & 4  English Language

  1. Unit 3 & 4 Maths Methods 

  2. Unit 3 & 4 Specialist Maths  

  1. Unit 3 & 4  Chemistry 

  2. Unit 3 & 4  Physics

  3. Unit 3 & 4  Biology  

  1. Unit 3 & 4  Accounting

VCE unit 3 & 4 English/ EAL are led by our most experienced VCE English teacher. The understanding of the text and the use of templates gives our English students a competitive edge. 

VCE unit 3 & 4 Maths Methods and Specialist will continue their projective course for the first half of the year during VCE 12. Hard topics will be reviewed again throughout stage 2 of our comprehensive revision. Follow by our final sprint to our written examination. We will make sure each and every one of our students have understood all the topics and enough experience with exam-style practice questions to Ace your final exam.

Qs offer 3 major unit 3 & 4 Science subjects during VCE 12. VCE units 3 & 4 Chemistry, Physics and Biology will use the first half of the year to finish all teaching concepts for our finalist. We will merge into our stage 2 comprehensive revision followed by our planned stage 3 examination revision. Our SAC focus weeks are spread across the year to ensure our students achieved their best outcome. 

VCE Accounting 3 & 4 is taught by our experienced and well-known VCE accounting teacher. Who has taught many of our high achievers in this subject. Accounting has a very strong link between the units and a strong need to understand the concepts and principles behind each financial report. 

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