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Qs School Yarra Valley (ringwood) Campus

  • Powerful, structural, efficient teaching material


  • Passionate and professional teaching team


  • Offline teaching + advanced online school 


  • Growing parental community



Empower Courses

Qs School’s specially designed Empower Courses provide systematic coaching to enhance students’ academic capabilities, which are essential for their daily studies and their scholarship exams. Course includes Maths, Reading Comprehension, Writing and Expression, Reasoning, Problem Solving, and skill development to effectively apply existing knowledge.

Elite Courses

Our Elite Courses are specially designed for students preparing for Scholarships, Selective Schools and also for high-achieving students, wishing to maintain outstanding academic results in their ongoing studies. Students wishing to enrol in our elite classes need to pass our Elite Entrance Test.  

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Qs School Yarra Valley (Ringwood) Campus caters for primary and secondary students, we offer a powerful teaching system, advanced teaching resources, online school, online materials, as well as Qs expertise at team management and quality control. We aim to lead students to improving not only grades, but to adapt efficient study habits, in order to achieve comprehensive development.

Qs School Yarra Valley(Ringwood)Campus开设小学部和中学部课程,采用Qs学校强大的教材系统、教研资源、网校、网上题库,以及Qs擅长的团队管理和专业质量管理,带领学生提升学业成绩,培养有效学习的习惯,全面发展。

 Powerful, structural, efficient teaching material    

 NO.1 Qs拥有强大、系统、高效的教材                

  • Focusing on abilities and growth as a person;


  • Effective learning system, gradual improvements


  • Stimulate critical thinking and understanding of the importance of using resources


  • Flexible system that adapts to meet different core needs.


 Passionate and professional teaching team             

 NO.2 专业激情的名师团队                                    


Our teachers are a team of highly qualified professionals.


  • Teachers are passionate about teaching, have strong communication skills and consistent class management skills.


  • They are well experienced, knowledgeable, keen to help every child to gain the best personal experience from class activities.

       他们经验丰富,知识渊博。 他们热衷于帮助每个孩子体验通过在课堂上进行专业指导和教学来获得个人最好的乐趣。

  • Many are day school principals, private school teacher coordinators and skilled teachers. Many of our teachers are well known in the field of tutoring in Victoria.

       他们其中许多是日校校长、私立学校的主任教师、协调员或高级教师。 我们的一些老师在维多利亚州的课外辅导行业中是众   



 Offline teaching + advanced online school           

 NO.3 线下教学+先进网校系统                           



 Growing parental community                                     

 NO.4 成长型家长社区                                         

Qs Parent Community is a community built for parents, especially those who attended our EQ talk.



Parent community is another platform to share parental experiences and tips. Parents are encouraged to share their very own personal experience, including those difficult and proud moments. Parents can benefit from their peers and the professionals in Qs, as their guide on their parental journey.


 Free individual study plan + free entrance test  

 NO.5 免费个人学习规划+免费入学测试             


Our professional teachers will provide a free personal study plan according to your child’s entry test result.





Contact Us

Phone: (04) 8012 0331


Address: Gate C, Science Building, Yarra Valley Grammar, Kalinda Road, Ringwood, VIC 3134 

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